Francine Gentle Cleansing Care was developed by pharmacists at Innoledge International in 2015 with the purpose of combining high-quality moisturizers and soothing agent extracted from plants to provide a highly effective and soothing cleanser for feminine hygiene.

Burdock (Arctium lappa), a herbaceous plant that has long been renowned for its soothing and softening properties was selected as an plant extract.

Francine Gentle Cleansing Care is well tolerated, and effectively cleans intimate areas and the rest of the body.

Francine Gentle Cleansing Care is suitable for daily intimate hygiene as well as to help soothe and relieve local irritation!

Francine Gentle Cleansing Care

  • Is soap free
  • Has no acidity
  • No paraben
  • No artificial fragrance


Best hygiene in multiple situations that develop during feminine life including pregnancy , menopause but also during sports (perspiring, swimming pool chemicals)

Recommended Use

Francine Gentle Cleansing Care can be used like a liquid soap. Make it foam then rinse well.


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